Functional Hybrid Nanomaterials Lab has focused on the design and synthesis of controlled hybrid nanostructure based on understanding structure-property relationship of materials and applied it to solve energy and environmental problems. Taking advantages of unique characteristics of materials upon nanoscaling, different kinds of functional materials are designed to address the serious challenges facing society. We aim to develop various hybrid nanomaterials based on metal nanoparticles, polymers and carbon materials, creating synergistic effects among constituent materials to resolve energy and environmental issues.

High-Performance Hydrogen Storage Materials for Hydrogen Economy


Hybrid Membrane for Sustainable Water Treatment

Porous Materials for Controlled Molecular Transport

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The goals of our research are to exploit the science of new class of solution-processed nanostructured hybrid materials that have promise for various applications encompassing energy and environment. The main motivation of our research lies in expanding the possible range of material characteristics with a major focus on outlining a comprehensive approach for materials synthesis as well as various forms of characterization and understanding structure−property relationship.

Our future research will have leverage for establishing state-of-the-art research to understand, design, and exploit the benefits of novel multifunctional hybrid nanomaterials with high performance that will potentially lead to major advances in a variety of applications.

1. Development of high-performance solid-state hydrogen storage materials for hydrogen economy

2. Mechanism study on hydrogen absorption and desorption process using metal nanoparticle structure

3. Hybrid membrane for sustainable water treatment

4. Material design for controlled ion transport in electrochemical system

5. Development of catalyst material for microplastic processing

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