Our lab is interested in Design and Synthesis of Functional Hybrid Nanomaterials using different kinds of nano building blocks–inorganic nanocrystals, carbon materials, polymers, etc–and their application in Energy and Environmental Technology (hydrogen storage, carbon capture and storage, gas separation, water treatment).

Hybrid materials with more than two components allow us to merge the advantage of each one into one composite material. Controllable design and integration of different kinds of materials lead to the generation of multifunctional hybrids which show new properties superior to those of the individual elements via the collective behavior of the functional building blocks. The goals of our research are to exploit the science of new class of solution-processed nanostructured hybrid materials that have promise for various applications encompassing energy and environment. The main motivation of our research lies in expanding the possible range of material characteristics with a major focus on outlining a comprehensive approach for materials synthesis as well as various forms of characterization and understanding structure−property relationship.Our future research will have leverage for establishing state-of-the-art research to understand, design, and exploit the benefits of novel multifunctional hybrid nanomaterials with high performance that will potentially lead to major advances in a variety of applications.

  • Carbon Nanostructured Composite for Energy Storage and Conversion

  • Nanoarchitectured Hybrid Materials for Water Remediation
    – Nanocomposite Membranes
    – Nanoadsorbents

  • Hybrid Metal–Organic Framework Based Functional Materials for Energy Storage and Gas Separation
    – MOF–Templated Inorganic Nanoparticle Composites
    – MOF–Polymer Composite for Gas Separation